ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) – Shoppers are always on the hunt for the best possible deal, but this year inflation is making that hunt even more intense and retailers are taking notice.

Retail and shopping expert Deborah Weinswig is also the founder and CEO of Coresight Research. She said her company created the 10.10 Shopping Festival after noticing the buildup of inventory at stores. On October 10, retailer and brands are expected to offer “unprecedented deals” during the livestream event. Following the 10.10 Shopping Festival, Amazon will host its second Prime Day event of the year.

Weinswig offers these tips to get the best deals during the holiday shopping season:

  1. Shop early
  2. Consolidate online shopping orders to avoid delivery fees
  3. Shop in stores to possibly get better deals

Weinswig said, “What we’ve seen also is if you go into the stores the prices are actually lower than what they are online in many cases. And that is what we’ve heard over and over repeatedly, not only from retailers but also brands. It’s a great way to save money this holiday season. The physical aspect of shopping.”

Another reason Weinswig suggests shopping in stores is because managers are more empowered to work with customers and can possibly lower their prices if you show them a lower price for the same product. She said it could even be the price for the item in a different area.

“I live in New York City, which is a higher price market. If I can show them prices in a lower price market that’s also another way to think about having that conversation in store to really get the best deal possible,” Weinswig said.