ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) – This is the time of the year when sales are happening at stores everywhere. While many consumers will rush to take advantage of the deals, some wonder if they should wait for better deals.

Retail expert Sebrie Springs, head of brand strategy for Fashwire, works with over 400 brands on a regular basis. She said, “My best advice is have a plan. Maybe that sounds silly, but the more organized you are with what it is you’d like to purchase — whether it be for gifts or for yourself — have a plan and stay organized.”

Springs said a great way to stay organized is to “favorite” or “follow” items online to track their prices and be alerted when they go on sale. She also encourages shoppers to take advantage of loyalty rewards offered by many retailers.

When it comes to whether consumers will find the best deals in-store or online, Springs said there are pros and cons to both. She said, “If you are really searching for where you will get a particular item for the best deal, online is certainly your best option because you can monitor multiple competitors all at the same time. Do quick searches and really see where the best value is. However, if you are really in it for the thrill of the find or you want that instant gratification where you can take it home with you right away, there are certainly great deals in-store.”

She explained that in-store shoppers may face item availability challenges, however, online shoppers may have a better chance of finding items in stock. This is due to online shopping websites pulling inventory information directly from warehouses where much more inventory is available.

As far as the types of items shoppers should buy now instead of waiting, Springs said, “Your name brand electronics and your designer luxury items, especially in fashion. Those deals are usually very exclusive to the sales. So I would definitely take advantage of those now. Don’t wait because you may not be able to capitalize on those discounts later.”