ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — From the COVID-19 pandemic to inflation, the wedding industry has been hit hard over the past couple of years. During the Roanoke Greater Virginia Bridal Show on Sunday, WFXR News was able to learn more about the struggles both brides and vendors are facing.

With many people and businesses still feeling the effects of the pandemic, the event producer and publisher/owner of “Virginia Bride Magazine,” Angeline Frame says the wedding industry has seen a massive shift.

“Businesses are still just financially getting back up, because imagine if you didn’t get to work for a whole year and didn’t have the income, and a lot of our wedding businesses were in that position,” Frame explained.

According to Frame, several wedding-related businesses went under during the pandemic while those that survived are still struggling to get back to where they were before. However, their luck may turn around soon.

“This is being touted as probably the largest wedding year in history, because you have all of these postponed and canceled weddings from last year happening right now on top of the weddings they had already booked, like, two years ago or a year ago before the shutdown,” said Frame.

However, even with a surge in weddings, both vendors as well as brides are facing a new challenge — rising inflation.

Carla Nelson, the event coordinator for Pumpernickel Pickle Catering in Salem, says that she has had to navigate through new challenges, like many other businesses.

“We all know costs are just rising over the board, and so with food costs being one of those things, we have had to mitigate and change things around a little bit,” Nelson said.

Despite the challenges, Nelson says vendors are still doing what they can to offer quality and affordable services to couples.

While businesses are doing there part to manage costs, many brides are also getting creative to pinch pennies where they can.

Kayleigh Webb is a bride who used her own talents, as well as the help of talented friends and family, to make her wedding come to life.

“I actually do a lot of my wedding projects on my Cricket, and so everything’s DIY and its actually gone pretty smoothly,” said Webb.

The Roanoke Greater Virginia Bridal Show also featured giveaways that could help ease financial fears for brides including photography sessions, cosmetics, and even an eight-day long honeymoon.