Meat prices increase to record highs as supply chain issues continue, impacting Roanoke restaurants and butchers


ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — The price of meat is seeing its highest price increase over the last 30 years. The recent consumer price index numbers show almost a 12 percent increase in the price of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs.

The increasing prices for meats, such as beef, have been tough on Louis Wilson, the owner of ‘Burger in the Square.’

“We’re just now around $3.50 a pound. By the time I am done with the beef, it’s probably a little more expensive than what you would get at Kroger — somewhere in the $6 to $8 per pound range,” said Wilson.

With the rising prices on meats, the Roanoke eatery has also had to increase the price for one of its popular menu items.

“We use Nathan’s Hot Dogs, which is a premium brand. Prices have edged up on that,” said Wilson.

Yard Bull Meats owner Tyler Thomas is a Roanoke butcher who says using local suppliers has helped him avoid higher costs for meats.

“We haven’t seen issues with our small farmers which hasn’t raised prices at all,” said Thomas.

Thomas encourages customers to look into local businesses to get their meats. In doing so, you may even find better quality.

“If they can find a great source for meat, like Yard Bull Meats, they can get top-notch pork at the same price as grocery stores right now,” said Thomas.

Thomas also says that restaurants should utilize the whole animal, like the shoulder or other cuts, to deal with the rising prices.

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