HERSHEY, Pa. (WFXR) — Halloween and other holiday seasons might be a little short-handed when it comes to fulfilling your sweet tooth.

That’s because the CEO of the Hershey’s Company, Michele Buck, says that supply chain issues and a shortage of certain ingredients are to blame.

Buck stated this information during the company’s second-quarter earnings conference call on Thursday, July 28.

Seasonal consumer engagement is expected to remain high, and we expect high single digit sales growth
for both our Halloween and Holiday seasons. Despite this strong growth, we will not be able to fully meet
consumer demand due to capacity constraints.

Given many of our everyday and seasonal products are made on the same line, we have needed to
balance production over the past several months to improve everyday on-shelf availability and build
seasonal inventory at the same time. While this will likely result in second half seasonal share pressures,
we expect our everyday share trends to remain strong behind higher inventory levels and more
advertising and merchandising. As we head into next year with healthier inventory levels and more
capacity, we believe we will be well positioned to meet consumer demand across our everyday and
seasonal portfolios.

Michele Buck, CEO of the Hershey’s Company