BLACKSBURG, Va. (WFXR) — While college is already a pretty expensive investment, move-in day alone might be breaking the bank for some families as thousands of Hokies head to Virginia Tech to set up their roost for the semester.

WFXR News’ Rhian Lowndes spoke to several parents dropping students off in Blacksburg on Monday, Aug. 15 about the impact of inflation on collegiate costs, such as dorm necessities, travel costs, and food.

Eileen and Jeff Gartman, who drove their freshman to Virginia Tech all the way from Delaware, tell WFXR News that the gas was expensive for the six-hour trip, but it was nothing compared to tuition costs.

“You gotta do what you gotta do,” Eileen said.

“It’s part of life and I would never say ‘oh well, gas prices are going up, so I guess we aren’t sending our kid to college,'” Jeff added.

According to parents, even though receipts are piling up a little higher than usual, the impact of inflation was an expected expense.

“We felt it in the supplies or bedding… maybe a little bit more, but nothing that was overwhelming,” another Virginia Tech dad, Rush Middleton, said.

He says the shocking part was stocking his son’s fridge.

“Even just going out to eat here, getting groceries, supplying his room, stuff like that, I think that’s actually where we’ve seen the most increase in prices,” Middleton explained.

Meanwhile, Mauro and Donna Wolfe say they made sure to keep an eye out for ways to save money.

“I used the coupons for Bed Bath & Beyond. I took advantage of some stuff at Costco — and they had a lot of coupons this week — and also the Virginia Tech parents Facebook page offered a lot of tips on where to get gas, what exits to get off, discounts for hotels, places to go and stay,” said Donna.

Whether or not they were worried about expensive move-in supplies, these Hokie parents all agreed that one cost hurt the most amid inflation.

“I don’t know if it’s affecting tuition, but tuition seems pretty high too,” Middleton said with a laugh.

According to, the impact of rising inflation on tuition is a real problem for students, with a survey discovering that one in four students have to drop classes because of high tuition rates and other costs.