CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — Back-to-school season is in full swing, which can cause financial concerns for many families. However, a Campbell County church tried to ease some of that stress on Saturday with its fifth annual clothing swap event.

Sarena Wellman, a volunteer with Leesville Road Baptist Church in Evington, says she wanted to encourage community members to donate gently used clothes or take as many items as they need.

“We don’t put any limits on stuff, so if they need to buy clothes for multiple kids, they can, and they can just have school clothes and not worry about it,” said Wellman.

The clothing swap event on Saturday, Aug. 13 offered clothing, shoes, and even some school supplies for children of all ages.

One of the attendees at the clothing swap, Raychal Campbell, says an event like this makes an incredible impact.

“There’s people out here that don’t have homes, that struggle to keep clothing on their backs, and people that are able to find out about this that can get brand new shoes on their feet or a warm jacket for wintertime,” said Campbell.

According to Wellman, the church has been accepting clothing donations for several weeks. She says the outpour of support has been amazing.

“Almost daily, we had bags or boxes of clothes that were dropped off,” Wellman said.

Both shoppers and volunteers emphasized the strong community Leesville Road Baptist Church is trying to create, with Wellman saying it’s important to help out where you can.

“We’re trying to help people right here, right now,” said Wellman.

Volunteers tell WFXR they are adamant about not charging families for the clothes, saying that anything they did not get rid of Saturday would be taken to local facilities and donated to families in the community

The church also says it is grateful to those who donated and hopes it can make a difference for families as kids return to the classroom.