Digging deeper into audio released from 911 call that led to massive search for Michael Brown


Audio of the 911 call that led to an intense search for suspected murderer Michael Brown has been released.

“911…get in here!,” Diane Hanson can be heard screaming on the call.

“Ok, what address are you at?” asks the dispatcher.

Hanson, and Brown’s mother, Vanessa Hanson, can be heard on the call discussing multiple bangs they heard outside the Roanoke residence. They believe the bangs were coming from Brown.

“I think Michael Brown is here,” Diane Hanson tells the dispatcher.

Brown, now in custody in Franklin County, has been accused of killing Rodney Brown.

“Is he known to carry any weapons?” the dispatcher asks.

“Yes! He’s the one who killed his father in Franklin County,” Diane Hanson responds.

The dispatcher alerts Hanson that officers are in the area about seven minutes into the call. Prior to the hunt for Michael Brown, he was investigated in North Carolina for grand larceny. The report was made in early September.

In mid-October, Brown allegedly deserted his post at Camp Lejeune. On November 9th, Rodney Brown was killed in Franklin County. The 911 call was placed five days later, on November 14th.

Brown’s mother can be heard on the call saying she wants to talk to her son to convince him to turn himself in to law enforcement.

“I got to talk to him, Mom. He will listen to me,” Vanessa Hanson says.

“I don’t know,” Diane Hanson responds.

“He won’t hurt me,” Vanessa Hanson replies.

Through much of the call, Vanessa Hanson insists she needs to speak with her son, while Diane Hanson expresses concern for their safety.

“Remember Saturday?” asks Diane.

“Yes, and he didn’t….,” Vanessa responds.

“He wanted to hurt you,” Diane says.

“He didn’t though,” says Vanessa. “If he was going to, he would have done it then,” she tells her mother.

“You’re not making good judgment,” Diane tells her during another point in the phone call.

“I’ve got to talk to him,” Vanessa responds.

“You don’t know what his mind is like,” says Diane.

“I do,” Vanessa says.

“No, you don’t. Look what he’s done. You don’t know. This is not your baby. Stop saying that. He’s killed,” Diane says.

“He’ll always be my baby,” Vanessa responds. “He’s making bad choices,” she says.

“Oh my God,” says Diane.

At some points during the phone call, Vanessa can be heard speaking with an FBI agent by phone.

“I do believe he’s there,” the FBI agent tells Vanessa. “We may have located a vehicle for him, and I’m going to go out and look for him,” he tells her.

The FBI agent doesn’t say during the phone call what type of vehicle was found, but law enforcement did recover a recreational vehicle linked to Brown that day. Brown himself was not located, although he may have been inside the RV during the search.

“I pray God will give him the courage to give himself up,” says Vanessa during the call.

After four hours, the call ends with a knock on the door. The 911 dispatcher told Diane Hanson several times during the call that authorities were searching the surrounding area for Brown. He remained on the line with her during that time.

Brown evaded arrest for nearly two more weeks, until he was taken into custody at his mother’s Franklin county home where Rodney Brown also lived.

Michael Brown has a court appearance scheduled for March.

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