ARCH’s Trust House welcomes home veterans


Roanoke, Va. (WFXR) — ARCH’s Trust house is a 29 bedroom shelter with 15 beds dedicated to the homeless veteran population.  The Trust House provides stabilization through case management services so that clients can exit the cycle of homelessness.

After working with the local health department to provide housing for COVID-19 positive homeless individuals and undergoing renovations, ARCH’s Trust House’s team is bringing clients home, starting with veterans.

“We decided to move all of our healthy clients tested negative for COVID-19 into some hotels around the area that we partnered with, in doing so we were able to securely isolate our healthy clients and then use the Trust House for folks that were Covid positive and homeless. At one time or over the course from April and through the end of 2020 we were serving about 90 clients at a time.”

Rachel Geary, Development Manager for Arch

Stephen Pruitt, a Marine Corp veteran is one of those clients. As Pruitt packed his belongings and moved them from his hotel room into the ARCH’s Trust House van, he described the support he has been provided through the nonprofit.

“They give you hope, they raise your spirits, ya know, you’re not alone in this fight. We’re here for you.”

Stephen Pruett, veteran utilizing Arch Trust House

Pruitt says he first lost his job and home in 2019 due to suffering from major depressive disorder, thereafter, he briefly battled addiction. He has since overcome his battle with addiction and is now trying to reach independence.

“I want to be able to function independently and live on my own independently and I believe ARCH and the VA and all the other programs are going to help me do that.”

Stephen Pruett, veteran utilizing Arch Trust House

This is exactly what the ARCH’s Trust House team aims to do for Pruitt and all others who step through their doors.

“When they walk through our doors we really try to ensure that we provide them with a safe space, case management, fresh food, a clean bed, clean sheets and really help them to bolster their self-esteem and their first step into recovery from the cycle of homelessness and or addiction.”

Rachel Geary, Development Manager for Arch

ARCH’s Trust House wants to offer clients a new beginning, a second lease on life. To learn more about the Trust House and how they’re changing lives, click here.


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