ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — It might be mid-December but did you know now is the time to start thinking about your spring and summer garden?

Scott Baker from Bedford Virginia Cooperative Extension gives us all the dirt on planning your 2023 garden!

These are the top FIVE questions Baker says you should ask yourself:

  1. Where should I plant my garden? Think of a location, access to water, and sunlight. “All the Dirt” featured an app to help you use solar analysis to find the best location for your garden.
  2. How big should my garden be? Think about how much space you have available to convert into a garden or if you plan to use pots.
  3. What plants do I want to grow next year? Ask yourself what you and your family like to eat and how you plan to use your harvest.
  4. How do I prepare my garden? Now is the time to prep your soil. You can find out how to test your soil from a previous “All the Dirt” segment, HERE.
  5. Selecting Seeds: How much do I need, where will I get my seeds, should I use seeds or plan to buy seedlings?

You can get more helpful tips from the Virginia Cooperative Extension’s page on Home Vegetable Gardening.