ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — If you’ve got a lot of peppers in your garden or just want to learn how to make your own hot sauce, you are in luck!

Jesse Feldberg from Fermented Fire Hot Sauce gives All the Dirt on how to use natural fermentation to make your own hot sauce! 

Feldberg explained the process of fermenting peppers and ingredients for about two weeks before blending them in the video above.

Feldberg stumbled into making hot sauce when he had an abundance of peppers and time during the pandemic. From there, Fermented Fire Hot Sauce was born.

You can find his hot sauce at a number of events coming up such as this weekend’s Wing Fest. Feldberg is also having a launch party for his hot sauce collaboration with Roanoke’s River & Rail on Monday, Sept. 28, and Taco Fest on Sept. 9.

You can learn more about the Fermented Fire Hot Sauce’s on their website.