RIDGEWAY, Va. (WFXR) — One guy who knows what it takes to win at the Martinsville Speedway is Joe Gibbs Racing’s Kyle Busch.

Busch has two cup wins at ‘the Paperclip’ and two truck wins at Martinsville. In fact, during the spring race weekend of 2016, he turned the double play of winning the truck and cup races.

“To me, I think the biggest thing is not how fast can you go fast, it’s how fast you can go slow. We get to 120 miles an hour maybe on the straight-aways and then you get down to about 60 miles an hour in the corners, but if you can wrap that corner at 61 miles an hour or 62 miles an hour, that’s going to be better than the next guy,” Busch explained. “So it’s all about how you figure out what you do on the breaks, how you slow down through the turn, how much you slow down, and what your corner speed is to make sure that you have a fast lap at Martinsville.”