SALEM, Va. (WFXR) — After interviewing 678 adults residents in Virginia, Roanoke College’s Institue for Policy and Opinion Research has released a new poll regarding their opinion on Virginia’s direction, the country’s direction, hypothetical general elections matchups and worries with the national government.

With a 4.43% margin of error, here is what the polling found:

Virginia Politics

  • According to the poll, from February, Governor Youngkin’s approval rating has dropped six points, with 51% of Virginians reporting that they approved his job as governor. Youngkin’s favorability rating is also down six points since February, with a rating of 46%.
  • Virginia’s General Assembly is seeing similar numbers, with an approval rating of 50%, which is two percent higher than its rating in February. There is a partisan gap in approval, with Democrats having a 58% approval and Republicans having 48%.
  • When asked whether Virginia is going in the right direction, ratings were down seven percent, with 48% of interviewees saying that Virginia is going in the right direction. There was a partisan gap in approval with 47% of Democrats saying things in Virginia are going in the right direction, and 59% of Republicans saying the same.

National Politics

  • President Biden’s national approval and favorability ratings are up since February, with a 42% approval rating and a 43% favorability rating. There was a partisan gap with Democrats’ favorability rating of the President being 80% and Republicans’ favorability rating being 7%.
  • U.S. Congress approval rating among Virginians is down four points since February with a rating of 19%
  • According to the poll, one in four Virginians believed the country is going in the right direction, and 7 out of 10 believe the country is headed down the wrong path. This hasn’t changed since February, with a partisan gap of 45% of Democrats believing that the county is going in the right direction, and eight percent of Republicans believing the same

2024 GOP Presidential Nomination and General Election Matchups

The poll asked Virginian participants who, in the 2024 Republican presidential nomination race, would they prefer as a nominee, as well as their second choice. Here is what they found:

  • Among the Republican candidates, interviewees preferred either Trump (48%) or DeSantis (28%) for their first choice, with all other candidates being in the single digits.
  • Among the Republican candidates, interviewees preferred DeSantis (24%), Pence (20%), Trump (19%), Haley (11%) and Scott (10%) as their second choice, with all other candidates again in single digits.
  • When asked who they would vote for today between the two leading candidates in both political parties, Biden and Trump, Biden currently has a 16-point advantage over Trump amongst Virginians.

Political Anxiety and Attitudes Toward National Government

  • 79% of responders report trusting the government to do what is right some of the time or never.
  • 52% of responders believe an ordinary citizen can do a lot to influence the federal government
  • 61% of responders believe their side is losing in politics more than it is winning
  • 55% of responders believe that the best years of the country have passed
  • 69% of responders are dissatisfied/angry with how the government is working
  • 84% of responders see the nation divided on important issues facing the country

For a more detailed analysis, as well as methodology transparencies, visit here. For more information about the Roanoke College Poll, contact Bryan Parson at or 540-375-4967, or contact the Roanoke College Public Relations Office at 540-375-2282 or