FLOYD COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — Two men were sentenced to two decades in prison after traveling over 1,000 miles to rob a jewelry store in Floyd County in 2022.

According to the Floyd County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, Jonathan Flowers and Dale Bennett were both sentenced to 20 years in prison. On Aug. 14, 2023, Flowers and Bennett pled guilty to charges of burglary, grand larceny, and conspiracy.

The pair robbed Floyd Jewelry on June 24, 2022. Throughout the trial, the Attorney presented surveillance video showing Flowers and Bennett breaking into the store, smashing cases of jewelry, and ransacking the business.

As the court case continued, Flowers asked for leniency claiming the theft was motivated to provide for his infant son. He said he broke into the store at night because he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

The Attorney’s Office argued that Flowers and Bennett traveled over 1000 miles to break into the Floyd Store and their main goal was money, and they wanted to try to take advantage of a small town where they described the people as “slow.”

The Floyd County Judge noted that both men had a significant criminal history. As a result, their sentences exceeded the Virginia Sentencing Guidelines.

Dale Bennet received a four-year active sentence. Jonathan Flowers received a five-year active sentence.

Both were ordered to pay restitution to Floyd Jewelry and an insurance company over $47,000.