Relationships are hard. Questions don’t have to be.

Living Local

Roanoke, Va. (WFXR) — Coffee with a Coach on Living Local brings viewers a cup of confidence to kick off the workweek. In this segment, CEO of Cortex Leadership Consulting, Lynda McNutt Foster offers quick tips on how to create better relationships at work by asking intentional questions.

McNutt understands that getting along with coworkers can be tough sometimes. She details that getting along starts with listening. Moreover, it’s easier to be a good listener if you ask better questions. People are more likely to open up and share things about themselves if they’re asked quality questions. 

Want to try for yourself? Below you will find nearly 100 sample questions:

1. What’s been your favorite place you have traveled to?

2. What’s a food you hate that everyone else loves?

3. Do you remember what you spent your first paycheck on?

4. What made you smile today?

5. Is there a song or movie that makes you cry every time?

6. What were your last three google searches?

7. How is what you’re like at work different from what you’re like at home?

8. What’s your biggest pet peeve about work? What is your favorite thing about it?

9. What’s the last question you were asked that really made you think?

10. If someone who you’d be great friends with were the embodiment of an animal, which animal would it be?

11. What’s a song that embodies your personality?

12. What made you smile today?

13. If how you spent the time you weren’t sleeping or working were made up of money, what makes you the richest?

14. How do you take your coffee? Would you drink it if it wasn’t like that?

15. When is the last time you lied? What was it about?

16. Who is your favorite celebrity? Why?

17. If had yo choose between being considered funny, attractive, or successful which would you choose and why?

18. What’s something you do that almost instantly relaxes you?

19. What’s something you should make money for but DON’T and you do for free?

20. What’s the best present you ever received?

21. What’s something about you that is healthy? Unhealthy?

22. How did you get close to your best friends?

23. What types of art do you do/make/watch/enjoy?

24. Have you ever met someone that everyone knows? What were they like?

25. How many shoes do you own? Why?

26. Do you have pets?

27. What’s your favorite type of weather?

28. Do you like theme parks?

29. How would you define your style/aesthetic?

30. Have you ever been to a spa? What did you get there?

31. What’s something you’re currently saving up for?

32. What’s the oldest possession you own and still use?

33. Do you have any art framed in someone else’s house?

34. What is your favorite poem?

35. What is your relationship like with your body?

36. How do you learn a new language? What worked best?

37. What is your favorite word? Why?

38. Do you believe in horoscopes, tarot cards, or palm readings? Why or why not?

39. What’s something you love to help people with?

40. What’s something small that makes your day better every day?

41. What is your favorite type of exercise? What’s your least favorite kind?

42. What is your favorite way to spend a Wednesday night?

43. What time do you typically wake up in the morning? Why did you choose that time specifically?

44. What’s your favorite outfit and why?

45. Are you a morning or a night person?

46. What’s something you wonder about me but probably wouldn’t ask?

47. What’s something about yourself you worked hard to improve?

48. What’s a commercial on TV you’ll always remember?

49. What’s something you do that you really wish you didn’t?

50. Who is someone you admire?

51. What is served at your birthday party?

52. What’s the coolest animal you’ve seen in person?

53. What was your favorite country to visit or want to visit?

54. What was your last dream about? Why do you think you dreamed about it?

55. What’s something that can’t help but smile about when you speak of it?

56. What is your handwriting like?

57. What’s the last thing that truly BLEW your mind?

58. What’s a compliment that means a lot coming from you?

59. Do you discuss politics? Why or why not?

60. What’s something you’ve done or something about you that someone else might describe as heroic?

61. Did you grow up religious?

62. When was the last time you were mad? Why?

63. What is your relationship with the local community like?

64. Do you have trouble sleeping? Why or why not do you think?

65. What kind of student were you like in school?

66. What’s a clothing brand that describes your style?

67. What’s the most attractive non-physical thing about a person?

68. Do you like road trips? What’s the longest one you’ve ever been on?

69. What’s something that will INSTANTLY annoy you?

70. Do you like to give people greeting cards? Receive them?

71. Do you feel like you drink enough water each day?

72. What’s something that you’re REALLY looking forward to?

73. Is your favorite love language to receive different from your favorite to give?

74. What’s the hardest thing that you’ve had to learn how to do?

75. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

76. What’s a word you know and use that most people don’t?

77. Are you likely to know what’s inside the next Amazon shipment that will come to your house?

78. Do you love or hate the dentist?

79. What did you dress up as for Halloween?

80. What’s the nerdiest thing you love?

81. What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?

82. What’s something about you that everyone would guess is ?

83. What’s something you can’t HELP but laugh at when you talk about it?

84. What’s your favorite kind of history to study?

85. What’s your favorite snack food?

86. What are you randomly an expert on?

87. What’s the weirdest question you were ever asked?

88. What’s something you would do if there were no consequences?

89. Do you consider yourself a good driver?

90. What’s a song you know all the lyrics too that might surprise me?

91. If you were a teacher, what would your teach?

92. What is your relationship with your family like?

93. What’s something you’re proud of your best friend for?

94. What’s something you like to keep private and something you like to tell everyone about?

95. What’s the longest paper/book you ever wrote?

96. What do you think will be fundamentally different about you in ten years? What is different about you from ten years ago

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