Lynchburg, Va. (WFXR) — What if your greatest passion was a threat to all of your family? This is the theme of Forbidden Gift, an Amish romantic suspense novel written by Lynchburg Author, Debra Torres.

Debra Torres writes romantic suspense for readers who are looking for relatable characters dealing with raw and real-life issues. For eleven years, Debra and her family lived in rural Northwestern Pennsylvania where she was able to observe the Amish in grocery stores and in the “buggy lanes.”

These life experiences combined with Debra’s unparalleled creativity, and full-time content specialist position with the University of Lynchburg have served as the foundation for what many readers believe will be a long and successful career as an Amish Fiction novelist.

Dera’s debut Novel is already making quite the impression on readers. 

“My first story from Author Debra Torres. It merits a 10 star. She has bound together a story full of all the elements in a perfect package. The novel captivates you with every page turned, each worth devouring, fast yet slow.”

Keren Herrera- Lyles, Reader

“Ms. Torres has written a riveting book from beginning to end. The writing flows flawlessly and readers will be caught up in what will happen to Johanna and how the Bann affects the Amish. Buy this book if you like to read Amish fiction.”

Paula Bowles, Reader

In Debra’s interview with host, Kianna Price she shares central themes of the book, what inspired her and what’s to come.

Learn more about Debra on her website or through social media: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram.

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