Core Chiropractic and Wellness use the ancient practice of acupuncture to cure the community

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Roanoke, Va. (WFXR) — At first sight, one may run out of the room if they see meticulously placed needles protruding from various parts of a patient’s body, but in actuality, those said patients will leave the room feeling at ease, relaxed, and sometimes euphoric.

Acupuncture is a treatment philosophy that has been around since 3000 B.C. and is still sought after to treat a myriad of ailments, whether internal or external problems. Dr. Daryl Rich of Core Chiropractic and Wellness uses it mostly for stubborn pain issues.

“We use it for a lot of chronic shoulder problems, elbow, knee, arthritic kind of pain and then we can use it for a lot of internal issues, so, again mental problems like anxiety or even some mild depression. You can use it even for internal disorders like chronic inflammatory bowel problems and we even used it today to help a lady induce her for pregnancy. “

Dr. Daryl Rich, Core Chiropractic and Wellness

In order to provide adequate treatment Dr. Rich focuses on the cause of a problem not just the symptoms.

“In my mind we kind of use a different acupuncture recipe if you will, it’s kind of like cooking. You’ve got certain ingredients for certain types of issues and you dovetail it to that person’s life.”

Dr. Daryl Rich, Core Chiropractic and Wellness

The acupuncture needles are twenty times smaller than a hypodermic needle. Dr. Rich describes the needle placement as painless, rarely drawing blood. As mentioned, placement is dependent on the initial consultation and the root of the issue that the patient is experiencing.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that there are as many as 2,000 acupuncture points on the human body, which are pretty well mapped out.

“We actually know through modern medicine that if you stimulate acupuncture points, you stimulate the brain and so ultimately what you’re doing with acupuncture is you’re working on the nervous system towards your desired outcome, and so by using acupuncture points, you know maybe in the foot, you may actually be helping a person’s headache based upon that pain pattern that person is in. We typically treat kind of globally or treat them in lots of different areas around the body and we often will frequently treat them in the local area where they have pain. “

Dr. Daryl Rich, Core Chiropractic and Wellness

Dr. Rich says many patients walk out feeling refreshed and experiencing less pain within one to three days. If the desired outcome isn’t met, he will shift techniques. However, the feedback has been very positive after just first time visits.

For those interested in learning more about acupuncture or other beneficial services offered at Core Chiropractic and Wellness, click here.

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