ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Many will be turning over a new leaf, by making New Year’s resolutions, to kickstart 2022. According to experts, these are a way for people to make improvements in their lives, whether that means eating better or saving money.

A recent survey shows 57 percent say they choose not to make a New Year’s resolutions at all, including Roanoke resident Winfred Brown.

“Over the year too many times, I’ve made them and couldn’t follow through. People will gorge themselves during the holidays and their New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and two weeks later, till the year starts, they stop going to the gym,” said Brown.

If you’re having trouble setting goals for 2022, Angela Nardevehi, a clinical psychologist with Carilion Clinic, says it starts with a self-evaluation, asking yourself tough questions and being honest.

“What are you excelling at what are you doing well at, what would you like to do better, what do you think you are not doing well at all,” said Nardevehi.

Nardevehi also told WFXR News that a great place to start is looking for a resolution is to look at places in your life you aren’t excelling at. She went on to say you should not be too hard on yourself if you don’t keep your resolution.

After just one week into the new year, only 75 percent of those who make resolutions stick to them and that number drops to 25 percent after a month.

Experts say while you’re working your way to achieving your goals, it’s important to keep in mind that setbacks are okay.

Nardevehi says the key to success is making obtainable goals, being specific, having something you can measure, being realistic, and having your goals time-bound.

She adds having friends and family to help you along the way can also be beneficial.