ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR)– The holidays may not be so delightful when it comes to decorating this year as national supply chain issues are causing Christmas tree shortages across the country.

Consumers can expect to see higher prices, as well as a smaller supply of trees.

Neil Cox, greenhouse manager of Country Corner Gardening and Nursery, says things are looking slim for the Roanoke staple.

“We’ve never seen anything quite this bad,” said Cox.

The Roanoke nursery gets their trees shipped in, which has resulted in complications because a lot of places that ship trees are experiencing shortages.

According to Cox, those who want a tree for Christmas should start looking now.

“I wouldn’t wait,” Cox said. “Don’t wait to try to get a deal. I don’t think there is going to be any.”

During this uncomfortable time of shortages on normal items, buying local — in many cases — has helped folks avoid the shortages.

John Hamill of the Hamill Christmas Tree Farm says there are advantages to getting your trees at a local farm.

“We have tree farms that you can go to and cut your own tree,” said Hamill. “No question about that. It’s more fun to cut your own tree and you should have a tree that will last better.”

Hamill adds that prices may slightly increase on trees, but for now, they are planning to sell them at the same price as last year.

According to Hamill, his farm will start selling trees the day after Thanksgiving.

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