LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. (DC News Now) — A day after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis formally launched his 2024 presidential run, fellow Republican opponent and former president Donald Trump summed up his take on DeSantis’ announcement in one line: “I think he had a rough opening.”

Trump spoke to reporters on the course at Trump National Golf Club, site of a LIV Golf tournament. It was Trump’s first public appearance and first public comment about the start of DeSantis’ campaign, the announcement of which came with technical issues on Twitter Wednesday night.

Prior to his quick assessment of the DeSantis campaign, Trump said he felt good about recent polling which, he said, indicated he had the support of the majority of voters polled.

“I mean, the polls are very nice,” Trump stated.

Trump made a passing reference to a Fox News survey which found, in part, that his support among Republican voters, nationally, sat at 53%, compared to support for DeSantis which sat at 20%.

The majority of people polled also indicated that they felt Trump is a strong leader, while President Joe Biden is not.

Later in the day Thursday, Trump responded to a question from DC News Now’s Mark Hall who asked Trump his thoughts about DeSantis as well as Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina who announced he was seeking the GOP nomination.

“I thought Tim Scott’s opening was a lot better, obviously, despite the microphone,” Trump replied. “DeSantis had a big problem last night. That was not a pretty picture to watch, but I wish them both well.”

In a follow-up question, asking why the former president felt he was ready to lead the Republican Party for a second time, Trump stated, “To make America great again,” staying true to the slogan he has used since his first presidential run.