HENRY COUNTY, Va (WFXR) — It was one week after being reported missing that Laura Cardenas’ fiancé was taken into custody and charged with her murder in Henry County.

Sheriff Wayne Davis says although it’s a heartbreaking case, he is glad Cardenas’ family will get some closure.

Sheriff Davis says Cardenas was reported missing by her employer on Oct. 25, after not showing up to work for several days. Deputies later went to the home that she shared with her fiance, Adam Lee Hughes, and found blood in the house as well as inside one of their shared cars.

He says with the help of outside agencies and the use of advanced technology, they were able to locate Cardenas’ body.

“That ultimately led us to South Boston, Virginia where we recovered those remains in a wooded area,” said Davis.

Hughes was arrested in connection with her death on Wednesday, Nov. 1. The Henry County commonwealth’s attorney, Andrew Nester, says there is a history of domestic violence between Hughes and Cardenas.

“There was a case pending in the juvenile domestic relations district court, unfortunately at that time the victim recounted her testimony, no probable cause was found, and the case was dismissed,” said Nester.

This marks Henry County’s 8th homicide this year; however, a suspect has been arrested in every case. Sheriff Davis says he wants the community to know that they’re working around the clock to keep people safe.

“If you commit a crime here in Henry County we assure you that we will catch you and prosecute you for it,” said Davis.

If found guilty, the Commonwealth’s Attorney says Hughes could face up to 40 years in prison for Second-degree murder.

Cardenas’s cause of death hasn’t been released yet.