FLOYD COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — Floyd County has responded to news of complications with the FloydFest and its new site.

On Wednesday, March 29th, FloydFest organizers announced that due to challenges with their new site, the festival would not be held at their new location this summer. The county said that while they are disappointed by the news, they are pleased to see this organization’s commitment to their Floyd County location going forward.

“The free enterprise mindset of Floyd makes it a great match for FloydFest” stated Board of Supervisors Chairman Joe Turman. “With the opportunities, it creates for business and economic development, we are pleased that the FloydFest folks have decided to make our community their home and are grateful for what they are doing for our local economy and tax base”.

The county said since the move was announced last year, dozens of residents have been working on the site for months, adding to economic growth within the community. Entrepreneurs have also benefitted from Floyd’s private property rights by developing new businesses and lodging opportunities in the county and near the new festival site.

When asked about permits, County Administrator, Dr. Linda Millsaps indicated that Floyd has no zoning, so the county has limited permit requirements. The county says FloydFest has complied with all the county’s Festival and Entertainments Ordinance requirements and has been working with county staff to ensure the safety of all attendees.