ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Thanksgiving is a little more special this year in Roanoke. People have endured so much amid the coronavirus pandemic, but the Drumstick DASH gives folks an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

The mission of the Drumstick DASH is to help others eat, not just on Thanksgiving, but throughout the year.

For Scott Bennett, who ran with Childress and Company, this event is a little more special.

“It’s a great cause,” said Bennett. “We are missing Andy Dalton, one of our teammates, who was always a staple in our race day.”

Dalton passed away back in September while running on a greenway course in a 10K race.

“He was somebody that always brought a great light to our run days,” said Bennett. “So, when we run for something like the Rescue Mission and our teammate Andy was around, it just made it a brighter day.”

For others, like Sally Sroge, the DASH provides an opportunity to connect with those she cherishes the most.

“This is our third time doing it. It’s kind of our friendship tradition to do the Drumstick DASH together,” said Sroge.

On Thanksgiving Day, the tradition of the Drumstick DASH is less about the race and more about the cause.

“We love doing things for a great cause,” said Sroge. “It’s great to give back to our community, and it means a lot to us.”

The CEO of the Rescue Mission of Roanoke, Lee Clark, says all the runners and walkers in the Drumstick DASH are helping those struggling with food insecurity.

“We have people that come every Saturday to get food boxes,” said Clark. “We are having close to 400 families every Saturday coming to get food boxes from us.”

Clark added that the support for the DASH, as well as the Rescue Mission’s year-round work, helps people receive the resources and services they need.

“All those things together are just making a tremendous difference in people’s lives,” said Clark.

If you would like to walk or run in the DASH, registration is still open for the virtual DASH, which takes place through Tuesday, Nov. 30. You can also donate to the Rescue Mission by clicking here.

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