ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) – Roanoke County Public Schools (RCPS) are scheduled to reopen August 24, using a hybrid scheduling platform and many parents are showing concern about leaving their kids at home alone. RCPS has created a task force with organizations and churches in the area to establish new day programs for parents to offer to their children who are impacted by the new hybrid school schedule due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re hopeful that all of this hybrid scheduling all of this is all temporary, we’re very hopeful that has we get through the school year things will get a little bit better and we can start to have a few more kids coming into the classroom.”

Chuck Lionberger – Director of Community Relations – Roanoke County Public Schools

One area church part of this new task force is CommUNITY Church in Salem. Pastor Thomas McCracken, III has been named co-chairman of the daycare program associated with this task force.

“My nitch has been to try to activate churches that are theoretically standing empty during the week, and try to open them up and inject the YMCA and their existing program to offer very affordable options for parents.”

Thomas McCracken III – Pastor Community Church – Salem

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