DANVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — God’s Pit Crew is currently preparing food boxes that are headed to the Baltimore, Maryland area to help many facing hunger issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. More specifically, these boxes will be heading to i5 Church, which does a lot of community outreach and charitable work for Baltimore area.

“We are partnering with Joyce Meyer Ministries to deliver a tractor-trailer load of food boxes. 1,440 of them.”

Julie Burnett – Blessing Bucket Program Director / God’s Pit Crew

God’s Pit Crew will match those 1,440 food boxes with 1,440 boxes of produce.

“We did 500, a little bit over 500 yesterday and we’re doing that same today, and then tomorrow we’ll do whatever is left, which I think is 400 or 500. Yeah, we’re getting a lot done!”

Lou Duvall – God’s Pit Crew Volunteer

Julie Burnett of God’s Pit Crew mentions that this-coming weekend will begin their community-driven Blessing Bucket Drive. Donation sites will be set up in 10 cities across the Commonwealth so donations can be purchased by the public and placed in buckets for those in need. Due to the pandemic, God’s Pit Crew is transitioning this event from in-person to an online donation method.

“It’s going to be really a cool and different type of drive where you as a shopper, just like you would go in the store and say, ‘I want to buy a toothbrush,’ and you would go into the store and you would buy your toothbrush, come out, and drop it in the basket. Well, that’s the same thing you’ll do online.”

Julie Burnett – Blessing Bucket Program Director / God’s Pit Crew

God’s Pit Crew hopes that this online format will reach more people since they are short on blessing buckets at the moment.

“We desperately need those buckets, to be able to respond to, for hurricane season — especially with it forecasted that it could be a record-breaking hurricane season. So, we’re trying to get ready, but, again because of COVID, supplies are low, funds are low. We’ve already given out 11,000 Blessing Buckets this year.”

Julie Burnett – Blessing Bucket Program Director / God’s Pit Crew

You can shop for items you wish to donate towards the Blessing Bucket Drive by clicking here.
If you’d like to volunteer your time you can do so through God’s Pit Crew Facebook events page by clicking here.

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