BEDFORD, Va. (WFXR) – Downtown Bedford businesses are growing weary with the current stay-at-home order. This is mainly due to not being able to have people dining in and only having take out on the menu, but also the owners of several downtown businesses say they miss their clients who are like family.

“Sit at home? No… that’s not me, that gets old. So, I just rather come in here and I do get to see my people, as I call them my people… No, their my family.”

Helen Walters – Owner, Sister To Sister Custom Catering and Cafe

While some Bedford businesses are getting by better than they had previously thought, others are growing slightly wearier.

“We’re taking a big hit financially… and have applied for the loans and the grants so hopefully some of that money will come through for us.”

Lauren Siehien – Owner, Bedford Social Club / Azul

Tina Gurley, the owner of Clam Diggers Seafood, says shes operating at about 50% of her usual revenue, but has hope things will turn around because Bedford has a strong shop small community.

“Bedford has a great support system and the people who live in this community really do the best they can to support all of us. They don’t want to see any of us go out of business.”

Tina Gurley – Owner, Clam Diggers Seafood

The Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with other organizations like SBA – Small Business Administration, the Bedford County Economic Development and the Town of Bedford to provide as much resources to small business owners to help them steer through this COVID-19 crisis.

“We want people to get these resources so please call us we certainly want you do join the Chamber, but we also… during this time want to be available to everyone.”

Wende Gaylor – CEO, Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce

If you and your business need more information on all the resources readily available please see the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce website.

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