BEDFORD, Va. (WFXR) — On Friday, the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) held a webinar — which was hosted by Bedford County Sheriff’s Office — to offer safety tips and information about how realtors can request security support from the sheriff’s office.

“We’re so glad that we partnered with the Bedford Area Chamber and also with our local Realtors to be able to come up with some ideas for you all, for your safety.”

Sheriff Mike Miller – Bedford County Sheriff’s Office

The sheriff’s office plans to hold more webinars and hopes to hold in-person workshops to teach basic self-defense courses so real estate agents can have the tools they need to create distance and have more time to call 911 for emergency assistance.

“Having some safety training based on some things that we’ve had happen in our area, and we were so sorry to hear about that and wanted to help where we can.”

Wende Gaylor – President/CEO – Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce

Some of the topics covered in the webinar on Friday, Aug. 14, were:

  • Improvising defensive tools
  • Vetting people before showing them a home
  • Asking for patrol assistance from Bedford County deputies
  • Knowing the best escape route

The sheriff’s official will also provide additional patrols — as well as security for any realtors showing a home in the Bedford County area — as long as the realtors call beforehand and ask for an extra patrol.

“That’s what you need to ask for when you call a dispatcher because they may not know exactly what you’re asking for, but if you ask for an extra patrol — if our deputies are not busy, where they’re not answering calls — that dispatcher will assign that deputy wherever the house is listed at.”

Deputy Robbie Burnette – Bedford County Sheriff’s Office

To learn more information on this subject or to view the entire webinar, check out the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook by clicking here.

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