BEDFORD, Va. (WFXR) – Today in the Town of Bedford, Victory in Europe Day was celebrated as, 75 years later, many still remember that day as if it was yesterday.

This day marks the beginning of the end of World War II.

Headlines across the nation and world read “NAZIS QUIT.” This day, May 8th, 1945 was eleven months and two days after the June 6th, 1944 D-Day Normandy France invasion led by the United States.

I think V-E Day is such an important day for all of us as Americans to remember, and especially here in Bedford with our very own Bedford Boys and the sacrifices that were made. But as a country as a whole, we’re going through these challenging times, I think this is a great time to look back.”

April Cheek-Messier – President of The National D-Day Memorial Foundation

The Town of Bedford, The National D-Day Memorial Foundation and The Bedford Boys Tribute Center all had planned events for this weekend. Though due to the COVID-19 pandemic those plans had to be canceled. Ken Parker tells us this day is too important to not commemorate in some way.

In England and France, and that’s why we’re doing this today in Bedford, everybody agreed the bells at eleven o’clock. The continents are joined together in peace and liberty that will always prevail going forward.”

Ken Parker – Co-curator of The Bedford Boys Tribute Center

The National D-day Memorial has been working diligently to get informative history lessons out to the public while the Memorial is closed.

We really want to educate young people about the meaning, not only of V-E Day but about World War II in general, about D-Day and what that meant and so we spend a lot of time creating these virtual programs and we have a wide array of virtual programs. This one today is geared toward V-E Day and the meaning of that.”

April Cheek-Messier – President of The National D-Day Memorial Foundation

Many of the World War II artifacts and information were provided by family and friends of the Bedford Boys. Some even took a great deal of time to locate and interview these men before they were gone forever.

In over a ten year period, I was able to collect their names, and this is actually coming ashore on D-Day, so any one of these guys could be in that picture.”

Tandy Amburgey – US Army Veteran / Vietnam

For more information on both The Bedford Boys Tribute Center and The National D-Day Memorial Foundation see their Facebook pages for updates as future events and be the first to know when they reopen to the public.

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