HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — Candy and coasters bring millions of people to Hersheypark each year. The park, known as “the sweetest place on Earth,” has several new attractions for its 115th season

“There is no place like Hersheypark,” Quinn Bryner, the director of public relations at Hersheypark, said. “We like to say it’s where fun meets chocolate.”

Hersheypark is three parks in one.

“You get 70 rides, incredible coasters, a water park and the zoo all included with your ticket, and we really celebrate the legacy of Milton Hershey,” Bryner said.

This year, the park is also celebrating the legacy of Comet. Hersheypark’s oldest roller coaster is turning 75.

“It’s the best sound for us to hear all that laughter,” Bryner said.

The park has tons of new offerings, including the Flippered Friends and Family Experience, where you can meet and feed the animals.

“We have two new friends in the Aquatheatre: seal pups Harper and Cobh, who just decided to join us,” Bryner said. “We also have Hershey character experiences more than ever before all throughout the park.”

Chocolatetown has additions this year too, like the Sweeterie confectionary kitchen and Milton’s Ice Cream Parlor.

The parlor was inspired by Mr. Hershey’s soda shop in Philadelphia from the early 1900s. Guests can customize king-sized sundaes made with 100% local dairy, plus add endless Hershey toppings and sauces.

The all-new Chocolatier Restaurant, Bar + Patio features nods to Hersheypark’s past and present. 

The lights inside follow the tracks of rollercoasters Candemonium, Wildcat and Fahrenheit.

There are Ferris wheels to hold appetizers, booths resembling ride seats and a carousel bar.

“Hints of chocolate all throughout the menu,” Rick Larsen, the executive chef at The Chocolatier, said. “So we came up with really cool ideas, like the Chocolatetown burger that has house bacon and chocolate drizzle potato chips, our Reese’s peanut butter hummus or the chocolate barbecue ribs.”

You’re served mouthwatering dishes with a spice of history.

“This was one of Milton Hershey’s favorite dishes when he came into the park,” Larsen said about the chicken and waffles. “It was something he would always get when he came into the Hersheypark restaurant.”

“You can come for the rides and stay for the sweet treats,” Bryner said.

Discounted tickets are available online.

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