Roanoke lifetime Flight Attendant turned Author releases Life at 36,000 Feet: Where Faith and Fear Connect


Roanoke, Va. (WFXR) — You can imagine how many stories flight attendants accumulate from their time in the sky. This is certainly the case for lifetime flight attendant, Sharon Williams.

In thirty-four years of being a flight attendant, Sharon has been to all fifty states and on multiple international flights. She started with Piedmont in 1984 and experienced three major mergers, eventually working for US Airways and American Airlines.

Sharon has put her high altitude memoirs to paper, releasing her first book 36,000 Feet: Where Faith and Fear Connect.

“Writing a book and reminiscing about my time in the air, all the good, and the bad things, and the funny things was really good therapy for me.”

Sharon Williams, Author of Life at 36,000 Feet: Where Faith and Fear Connect

The moment one meets Sharon they’ll easily recognize the fervor she has for her lifelong career as a flight attendant. In fact, her time in the sky came came to an unexpected halt in 2018. Sharon says she wasn’t ready to retire just yet.

“I had been flying with a major airline and I was on my way to go on my trip that day and I had an accident which I tell about in my book. It was life-changing. I broke my femur and I was told that I probably wouldn’t be able to stand or walk like I used to, so I spent about six months in this house trying to recover doing physical therapy, but at the end, the therapy that helped me the most was reminiscing about my life in the air.”

Sharon Williams, Author of Life at 36,000 Feet: Where Faith and Fear Connect

Though her accident forced her to hang up her uniform, her mid-aisle vantage point left her with a lot of untold stories. Stories that were written in a journal she started carrying with her in the eighties.

I started writing in it because I had a lot of celebrities on my flights. Back in the Piedmont days they didn’t mind if we asked for autographs, and I do have some of those autographs, Debbie Reynolds, Richard Gere, you know some of the older celebrities. Then, I started journaling the different situations that happened on the plane.”

Sharon Williams, Author of Life at 36,000 Feet: Where Faith and Fear Connect

Sharon shares humorous stories such as a time that she discovered teeth in the aisle and searched high and low in the pitch dark for the passenger that lost the dentures. On one flight, she noticed a man’s chest moving quite a bit. It wasn’t indigestion like she expected initially, it turned out he was smuggling a monkey. These are merely a few of the lighthearted stories she details in her book. Along with these funny encounters, Sharon also features unexpected and entertaining answers to aviation-related questions as well as her faith in God.

“You have to have a lot of faith when you fly. A lot of people are afraid of it and have the fear of flying so you have to have faith in God that he is your ultimate pilot in your life.”

Sharon Williams, Author of Life at 36,000 Feet: Where Faith and Fear Connect

Sharon’s unique collection of reminiscences allow readers to get a front-row seat to life in the sky!

The book can be purchased, here. Sharon will also be doing a signing at the Roanoke Regional Airport on May 1st.

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