LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — Focus Point Mental Health Services and the Lighthouse Family of Services are unveiling their new Residential Crisis Stabilization Unit in Lynchburg. The program will provide a safe and supportive outlet for anyone experiencing an acute behavioral health crisis.

The program wants to provide a safe environment in a home-like setting to relieve people’s crisis symptoms.

Angela Williams, the owner, and CEO of Focus Point Mental Health said without mental health intervention a person experiencing an acute behavioral health crisis could end up in an in-patient situation. A crisis could look different for everyone, but she says once a person is brought to their facility, they will make sure it is medically safe for them to be there.

Mental health professionals will be available on-site to provide assessments to determine what the patient’s needs are. The new center will have 24/7 support from medical professionals and other specialists.

Williams says they want to help the community partners first then they will open up to the community as a whole.

“The actual goal right now is to aid in minimizing the amount of time our police officers or other community partners are spending in the emergency room with persons waiting for them to be seen or waiting for them to be admitted,” said Williams.

The center will offer mental health skill building along with triage and stabilization units to help people find further treatment centers or somewhere safe to go. The focus is to enhance the quality of life, build resiliency, and restore and improve functioning.

They will have a ceremonial ribbon cutting at the new location at 903 Craddock Street and hopes to start seeing patients around March 20th.

For more information on Focus Point Mental Health Services, visit their website.