ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Mama Jean’s Barbecue has announced that it is selling its location on Sanford Avenue in Roanoke and moving to a new location.

The bbq food truck says it has not been able to meet the site requirements for the build-out. Owners, and couple, Madison and Kelli Ruckel posted on Facebook that the building can be “financially crippling for the next five to ten years.”

Mama Jean’s food truck journey began when Madison joined Home Team BBQ in West Ashley in Charleston in 2006. He then became a proper pitmaster. With support from the barbecue community, he was inspired to bring “fire foods to the table.” After years of gaining experience, Madison moved to Roanoke and name his food truck after his mom, Jean Park Ruckel. Madison started Mama Jean’s Food Truck with a 1956 Airstream Food Trailer.

With daily specials, pulled pork sandwiches, burgers, birria tacos, wings, and more Mama Jean’s has become a go-to for bbq lovers across the Roanoke Valley.

The following statement was released on Facebook:

Hey folks. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up with what we have going on. If you see a for sale sign in our yard on Sanford….do not be alarmed. We are selling the properties. We just can’t meet the site requirements for the build out. It would be too expensive. If we made it happen, it could potentially financially cripple us for the next 5 to 10 years. After lots of back and forth we have decided to make it happen at another property. We have learned many lessons along the way and I am very grateful for the team we have who have worked so hard to help us get here. We are currently under contract on another property. As soon as we know if it will work out, we’ll post here and let everyone know. Either way we are making the tough decisions now instead of when it’s too late. We have major things in store for us. We appreciate you all and your continued patience. We will make this happen. Onwards and upwards,”

-Madison and Kelli Ruckel