RADFORD, Va. (WFXR) — While celebrating a fruit that is found across Appalachia, one non-profit is gearing up for the New River PawpawFest in Radford on Oct. 14.

Pawpaw is the largest native fruit to Northern America. Jesse Kelly the Director of Nursery Natives, says even though it’s growing all around Virginia many people are not familiar with it. The fruit has a sweet fruit and tropical flavor and the PawPawFest will highlight gardening questions.

Nursery Natives is a nonprofit organization with the goal of restoring native ecosystems, food sources, and community.

“We are looking at trying to reunite all of those things and looking at the accessibility of all of them,” said Jesse Kelly, Director of Nursery Natives.

On Saturday, festivities will kick off at the Nesselrod on the New. Gates will open at 10:30 a.m. to highlight the native fruit.

Along with vendors, arts, food, and watching the solar eclipse. The Isaac Hadden Organ Trio will headline the festival. The line-up also features artists and music from different varieties of jazz, funk, folk, and more.

For a sneak of what to expect, Amelia stepped into the WFXR News studio for a quick performance.

Amelia plays Americana Folk original music and writes pieces that focus on the region.

“I have a lot of songs and most of them are just about where I’ve grown up in southwest Virginia,” said Amelia.

To learn more about the lineup and ticket information, click here.