Junior Achievement: One board member is teaching her daughter lessons using the program’s curriculum

Junior Achievement

Alisha Starkey has been on the board of Junior Achievement of Southwest Virginia for several years now.

“For me it’s just knowing how important it is for young people, even as early as kindergarten,” says Alisha.

It’s a program she also uses to help her 10-year-old daughter understand the importance of learning about business and entrepreneurship.

“I try to kind of mimic where she is in school and I try to teach those classes,” says Alisha

Her fifth grader setup her own lemonade stand last year.

“She understands what it’s like to run your own business and make money, sell a product and get rewarded for that,” says Alisha.

She goes on to say, “She’s taking the opportunity to open up her own bank account and she has her own deposits going in there.”

According to Alisha, her daughter already has an entrepreneur’s spirit, but teaching JA helps her foster her daught’s potential.

She says, “I’m just using some of the JA program and curriculum to reinforce what is kind of already inside of her.”

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What is Junior Achievement?

Junior Achievement of Southwest Virginia, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose aim is to empower young people to own their economic success. We do this by sending volunteers from the local business community into kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms to help students better understand how business works.Junior Achivement logo

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