ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) – The Habitat for Humanity in Roanoke is hard at work again. On Thursday, Aug. 17, people gathered to celebrate a new home, but this time it’s a little different and cutting edge. It’s the first Habitat-Roanoke home using sustainable, low-cost concrete.

The non-combustible material is energy-saving, containing concrete inside the walls. This makes homeownership possible for more families throughout the community.

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association CCO, Gregg Lewis explains the many benefits of utilizing this type of building system, which includes being weather and temperature resistant.

“The concrete industry has been providing concrete for the foundations of habitat for humanities homes all across the US since habitat existed. And our feeling is, things that make it so great low below grade, also make it really great above grade. It’s impervious to weather, wind, moisture, heat, cold,” said Lewis.

Lewis added that using concrete makes for a faster build and that 67 of these types of homes have been built across 33 states nationwide.

This house is located in southeast Roanoke on Waverly Place.