VERONA, Va. (WFXR) — The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank is continuing to fight food insecurity in Central Virginia, and Food Lion is giving them a helping hand along the way.

On Oct. 19, the Food Lion presented the food bank with a check for $10,000. The Food Bank says the money will go toward its Child Nutrition programs.

“This gift will go a long way to help ensure that the most vulnerable in the area, the 1 in 12 children who are food insecure, have food available through the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank’s Child Nutrition programs,” said the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

As food insecurities continue to be an issue across Virginia, the Food Bank has been a vital factor in assisting families who are in need. The Child Nutrition Program addresses the challenge of making sure no child is left hungry during weekends and school holidays when breakfasts and lunches are unavailable.

At the beginning of October, Les Sinclair from the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank told WFXR News that the number of people that they have been serving has been more since the pandemic.

He said in the most recent fiscal year, they served up to 127,500 on average each month. This is across 25 counties and eight cities through its distribution centers in Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and Verona.

As a result, the Food Bank is serving Virginians through over 400 community partners including food pantries, soup kitchens, schools, libraries, healthcare clinics, community centers, and more.

“We are truly grateful to Food Lion for standing with us to make sure everyone has enough to eat,” said Michael McKee, CEO of the Food Bank. “Together, we set a place at the table for everyone. You show up to volunteer, to give your time, to do the packing, to help with the kids’ programs. We really feel you at our side each and every day, supplying volunteers, money, and food when we need them. We know that we can count on our friends at Food Lion. You are true to your word that Food Lion Feeds,” concluded McKee.

Food Lion presents $10k check to Blue Ridge Area Food Bank
Food Lion presents a $10k check to Blue Ridge Area Food Bank (Photo Courtesy: Blue Ridge Area Food Bank)