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Roanoke, Va. (WFXR) — Roanoke Native, Tay Whiteside says the springboard for his professional career has been being a part of his family’s business, Black Dog Salvage as well as Salvage Dawgs, the international television show. Whiteside recollects the work ethic his parents instilled from an early age.

“I can’t thank my dad, Mike, enough for making me work when I was a kid. All I wanted to do was play video games, but cleaning the bathrooms and mopping the floor is really good for someone’s character.”

Tay Whiteside, Owner and Lead Fabricator Lift Arc Studios

That same work ethic has stayed with Tay throughout his life, Tay has worked for Black Dog Salvage for sixteens years and filmed with Salvage Dawgs for eight. He says he was eighteen when they started filming the show.

“Black Dog, it was kind of an education you really can’t get anymore, you know, which is sad. It’s actually something that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, talking about with friends of mine is how kids today really aren’t exposed to these kinds of practical life lessons… How to talk to the public, how to run a business, how to use tools, how to fix things, you know like real practical life skills. I’ve learned everything I know now, and more, basically from that trial by fire education at Black Dog, which I wouldn’t trade the world for, and I realize I’m very lucky for that and I’m trying to do something with that.”

Tay Whiteside, Owner and Lead Fabricator Lift Arc Studios

Whiteside, grateful for his Black Dog Salvage opportunities has been seeking ways to continue to push himself. It just so happened that while cleaning out a one-hundred-year-old machine shop four years ago he came to a revelation.  

“Throughout that process, I was kind of ready for a change. Then all of the stars kind of aligned and I was just like well maybe this could be my new shop, you know, so halfway through cleaning this building out it turned from cleaning it out for somebody else to cleaning it out for me. That was pretty exciting!”

Tay Whiteside, Owner and Lead Fabricator Lift Arc Studios

After meticulously cleaning and renovating the space, Lift Arc Studios has come to life. Tay, a problem-solver with fifteen years of welding experience is ready to take your call.

“What we offer here is CNC plasma cutting with my cool machine out there, any type of welding and fabrication, whether it be steal, aluminum, any of that, and of course, media production services. I have five or six years of production experience and I’m lucky enough to be working with one of my best friends, Walker here, who’s my head media overlord.”

Tay Whiteside, Owner and Lead Fabricator Lift Arc Studios

Tay and Walker are even sharing fabrication projects, builds, and let’s be real, adventures on YouTube.

“My hope by filming it and sharing it on social media and YouTube is to maybe in some small way glorify it again, make people interested in it and say, ‘oh you know that’s an alternate life choice, that could be fun, how can I get into that?…or who can I talk to learn how to do that?’ If I inspire even one or two people of our generation to get into this kind of thing, I’m into it.”

Tay Whiteside, Owner and Lead Fabricator Lift Arc Studios

To learn more about Lift Arc Studios, click here.

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