TIJUANA (Border Report) — An alert shopkeeper recognized the wig and locked his doors until police arrived to arrest “Lady Pelucas,” who reached legendary status for wearing a different wig every time she allegedly robbed a business.

Prosecutors say Lady Pelucas, or “Lady Wigs,” was the leader of a gang and is accused of committing dozens of robberies over the last few months in Tijuana.

“She was American, white and tall,” said Gabriela Soto, who alleges that Lady Pelucas and her gang hit her shop, Venus Chocolates, back in September.

“They came in a group and distracted the girls working and then stole several items,” Soto said.

Mugshot of “Lady Pelucas” who has been identified as Catherine M. of New York. (Courtesy: Baja California Prosecutors Office)

Police say the woman under the wig is 30-year-old Catherine M. of New York.

“We hope many others come forward and file complaints so she gets more time in jail, they need to make an example of her, that you can’t get away with this,” Soto said.

Facebook message posted by Venus Chocolates after allegedly being robbed by Lady Pelucas and her gang back in September. (Courtesy: Venus Chocolates)

Soto uploaded to Facebook images of Lady Pelucas robbing her shop and says within days, other victims were doing the same thing.

Police credit social media for spreading the word.

“The news helped by publishing images, they had a lot of other victims posting their stories about how Lady Pelucas and her gang had robbed them,” Soto said.

Prosecutors said they are piecing together complaints to construct a case against Lady Pelucas and her associates.

Catherine M. is expected to face a judge next week.