BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) – The Stewartsville-Chamblissburg Volunteer Fire Department and the Bedford County Special Operations Command units conducted a horse rescue in the Stewartsville area on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

According to the rescue units, they were dispatched for a horse rescue/assist at a local farm. Special operations were added for their specialists in Large Animal Rescue. Units arrived to find a 27-year-old horse down in the field near a fence line.

Units found the horse in an apparent C state after a quick action plan was derived, the vet performed sedations and the horse packaged on the glide after rotating from the casted side. The glide was transported with neighboring tractor to the barn and then the sling was used to make the lift.

Many agencies from across the county, including the Moneta Volunteer Fire Department, Forest Fire Department, Beford Fire Department, Boonsboro Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, and the Bedford County Department of Fire & Rescue, came together and assisted the horse back to its feet. Water was provided and within 10-15 minutes, the horse was eating grain and standing on her own.

The Stewartsville-Chamblissburg Volunteer FD reports the units are clear and the horse is in its owner’s care.