(Our Auto Expert) – The 2024 BMW i7 M70 has stormed into the electric luxury car scene, leaving a lasting impression on tech-savvy buyers and speed enthusiasts alike. This sleek sedan embodies the future of automotive excellence, combining electrifying performance, luxurious comfort, and cutting-edge technology to redefine what a luxury car should be.

In the world of large luxury cars, electric powertrains make perfect sense, and the i7 exemplifies this. With a potent EV powertrain that operates almost silently, the i7 enhances the expected serenity of luxury driving. The smooth ride and spacious cabin crafted from premium materials make it an electric 7-series worth every penny.

The i7 caters to the tech-savvy, boasting a plethora of digital displays that immerse you in a high-tech wonderland. What sets it apart from its chief rival, the Mercedes-Benz EQS, is its drop-down theater system for rear-seat passengers, a feature the EQS can’t match. The i7 is not just a car; it’s an experience, and it’s changing the game.

The i7 lineup offers a range of power options. The xDrive60 model packs 536 horsepower and an impressive range of up to 318 miles. For the performance junkies, the M70 trim cranks up the power to a staggering 650 hp while still delivering around 295 miles of range. And if range is your priority, there’s the eDrive50 rear-wheel drive model, likely offering the most miles per charge. These numbers put the i7 in direct competition with the likes of the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S, but with unparalleled luxury.

The i7 secures its place among the best luxury electric cars, ranking at number 5 in the category. It rubs shoulders with industry giants like Lucid Motors Air, Porsche Taycan, and Tesla Model S, proving that it’s a serious contender in the electric luxury world.

BMW keeps pushing the envelope, adding the 650-hp M70 and 449-hp eDrive50 models to the i7’s lineup. The M70, in particular, can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 3.5 seconds, demonstrating the i7’s formidable performance.

While the i7 M70 is the ultimate powerhouse, the xDrive60 model strikes a balance of power and affordability, making it our top recommendation. With 536 horsepower, it still offers thrilling performance and comes standard with desirable features. Opt for the Executive Lounge package to pamper rear-seat passengers with reclining seats and massage functions.

The i7 xDrive60 shines with an estimated driving range of 318 miles per charge on standard 19-inch wheels. Charging is a breeze with the ability to add 80 miles of range in just 10 minutes at DC fast charging stations.

Inside, the i7 matches its electric prowess with opulence. It shares the spacious and luxurious cabin of the gasoline-powered 7-series but adds a host of high-tech conveniences. The Executive Lounge package elevates the rear seats to an unrivaled level of comfort.

The i7’s digital dashboard and infotainment displays are a technological marvel. The rear-seat entertainment system with its massive 31.3-inch screen is a game-changer, offering streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube via a 5G connection.

Safety is paramount in the i7, with standard automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and available adaptive cruise control. It even offers a hands-free driving mode and a parking assistant system that can be operated via a smartphone app.

BMW stands behind its electrified models with a solid warranty, covering four years or 50,000 miles for basic coverage and eight years or 100,000 miles for EV components. Plus, enjoy three years of complimentary maintenance.

The 2024 BMW i7 M70 is a groundbreaking luxury electric sedan that raises the bar in terms of performance, technology, and comfort. It’s a thrilling ride into the future of automotive luxury, setting new standards that competitors will find hard to match. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a performance junkie, the i7 is a game-changer you won’t want to miss.