Kim Yonick

Two words define Kim Yonick and that is tech-nerd.

Kim graduated with a degree in Journalism from Oakland University in Michigan. From there she landed her first job as a producer at WANE-TV in Fort Wayne, IN. After getting her start, she climbed her way through the markets working in Saginaw, Mich., Detroit, and Atlanta where she worked for The Weather Channel.

Her time at The Weather Channel earned her an Emmy nomination for her role in covering Hurricane Harvey. While in Atlanta, Kim worked on getting her Web Master Certificate along with a mini MBA in Digital Marketing from Rutgers University.

She joined the WFXR News Team as the Digital Executive Producer in April 2021.

When Kim is not busy surfing social media and the web, she is looking for her next step in education, performing on aerial silks, boxing, or cooking.

If there is a story you would like to pitch, you can email Kim at

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