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Over John Carroll’s 25-year career as a broadcast meteorologist, he has worked in every portion of the country; to say he is well-traveled would be an understatement. From California to Connecticut, Bozeman to Birmingham, he has gotten firsthand knowledge of almost every weather phenomenon possible. Now he has found a home in Virginia and will use that knowledge to keep you safe and informed.

He has a passion for forecasting the weather and has the Seal of Approval from the National Weather Association and is a member of the American Meteorological Society. John is a certified Wildfire Weather Forecaster, was awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” for Broadcast Meteorology by the Colorado Broadcasters Association, and continues to strive for excellence each and every forecast.

John loves getting out in the community. School visits are a high priority and he’s written two children’s books about the weather: “The Adventures of Robbie the Raindrop” and “Wally the Weather Detective.” If he didn’t get into forecasting the weather, he probably would have been a teacher, so if you’d like to “talk weather” with John at your school, he would be honored to come by for a visit.

He loves this part of the country and intends to make the Roanoke Valley his home and looks forward to keeping the Blue Ridge Mountains in his backyard for many years to come.

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