LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — As more murals continue to hit the streets, buildings, and businesses across Central Virginia, the Kemper Street Amtrak Station now has a new piece of artwork to call its own.

In partnership with the City of Lynchburg’s Office of Economic Development & Tourism and local artist, Elizabeth Gray, the new “LYH Loves You” mural was brought to life at the Amtrak train station.

The work of art sits on the wall adjacent to the railway and is now a welcoming message for passengers and visitors traveling to and from the Hill City. With bright streaks of green, blue, white, and more, the art depicts the City of Lynchburg. The colors of green and brown surround the artistic buildings and written at the top is “LYH Loves You.”

“Public art and beautification efforts help attract new visitors to the City of Lynchburg,” said Marjette Upshur, Director of Economic Development & Tourism. “Every day the LYH Amtrak station transports hundreds of visitors, business travelers, college students, and residents – which makes a huge impact on our restaurants, retail, attractions, and lodging partners.”

After there was a public all for artists, Gray’s design was selected from a list of several applicants. The “LYH Love You” project was funded in partnership with the Virginia Tourism Corporation. The mural’s purpose is to increase the beauty of the city, public art, and marketing efforts for the city.

“It means the world to me to be able to work with local business owners and now the City of Lynchburg to help communicate their vision and get more eyes on their incredible spaces,” said Gray. “I’ve been a resident of Lynchburg since I was ten years old, and now being able to see my artwork on a large scale is incredibly fulfilling. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to add more color and public art to this city.”

According to the Virginia Passenger Rail Authority, during the months of July 2022 and June 2023, over 60,000 people boarded or exited the train at Kemper Street. The Executive Director of the Virginia Passenger Rail Authority DJ Stadtler said that train stations are the gateway to communities.

The new mural is an example of just that.

“The mural project at Kemper Street Station could be used as a model for other stations around the Commonwealth. It is a great way to welcome our Amtrak Virginia passengers as they arrive in  Lynchburg,” said Stadtler.

If you looking to explore art in the city, the mural can be found at 825 Kemper Street.

Kemper Street Amtrak Station mural in Lynchburg. Mural designed by Elizabeth Gray. (Jemon Haskins/ WFXR News)