BEIJING (NEXSTAR) — For about a week now, Olympic organizers have said that the Olympic bubble is the safest place in the world to be. That’s because COVID cases are so low.

In fact, on February 12, only one person tested positive out of more than 69,000.

“Beijing 2022 is being held against the backdrop of the spread of the pandemic globally,” said Beijing Organizing Committee Spokesman Shu-an Yang.

According to recently released data from organizers in Beijing, 69,558 people were tested inside the Olympic bubble and only one person tested positive which, according to organizers, is a testament to how well the bubble is working.

“So we have overcome a lot of challenges and difficulties to deliver this game, and this is a reflection of the commitment of the Chinese people,” said Shu-an Yang.

Olympic Games Executive Director Christophe Dubi says a ‘number’ of athletes are in isolation and they’ve heard complaints about those facilities. 

“We decided to go in the isolation facility itself and see whether we could improve the situation further for those who had remarks,” said Dubi. “And it was very helpful. I think we could find some immediate improvements.”

There is no word yet on what those improvements will be.